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Minecraft Pe Apk 1.4.4:

Disambig color.SVG this article is set in the Bedrock edition. For other variations, see model records.

1.four, called segment one of the update Aquatic, is a primary replace to Bedrock version that became released on may also sixteen, 2018.[1] It delivered many new capabilities centered mainly around ocean-associated content, which includes dolphins, shipwrecks, fish, tridents, buried treasure, drowned, and lots of different modifications and fixes.[2] upgrades to the technical factor of the game were additionally introduced on this update, in addition to a choice to toggle various capabilities from education edition into worlds.

because of the considerable quantity of content material to be delivered in replacing Aquatic in Bedrock edition, it turned into later determined to break up the replace into two major updates, with things like turtles, conduits and bubble columns being driven lower back to segment  (1.5). Non-aquatic functions from the Java model of replacing Aquatic (inclusive of phantoms and the slow Falling fame impact) have been additionally postponed to a destiny update, which became 1.6.


Contents :

1          Additions

1.1       Blocks

1.2       gadgets

1.3       Mobs

1.4      international generation

1.five  Gameplay

1.6     well-known


2.1     Blocks

2.2     items

  1. three Mobs
  2. four Non-mob entities

2.5      world technology

2.6      preferred

Three    Fixes

4        Video

5        trivialities

6       References



Stripped timber

Slabs and stairs

New slabs and stairs for all types of pristine-related blocks

Coral Blocks

Trapdoors, buttons and pressure plates

New variants based on separate sorts of wood.


Dried Kelp Block

Blue Ice

Coral fanatics

Can be located on the pinnacle of other blocks.

Dead coral enthusiasts

Generate and function similar to regular coral lovers

Sea Pickles

Model extraordinary: participant does now not collide with it



Coronary heart of the ocean

Currently does no longer have any use but.

Will be used to craft a conduit in a future update

Experimental: Nautilus Shell

Buckets of fish

Model extraordinary: Bucket of Pufferfish has a precise texture, showing a puffer fish with the old texture in a water bucket

Version one of a kind: An empty bucket can also be used to obtain a fish bucket

Enchanted books

New books for enchantments used on tridents

Dried Kelp

Spawn eggs

Experimental: Drowned


Fish mobs


Experimental: Drowned

model one-of-a-kind: Drowned geared up with Trident will use a melee attack if the target is three block or less from them.


Version special: Will on occasion drop bones when killed.





Poison to the player in the event that they get too near it.

Tropical fish


World era

Buried treasure


model unique: Stripped logs generate as a part of them.

Underwater Ruins


Coral reefs

Ocean ravines

Underwater Caves



Model exceptional: more achievements, which include the subsequent:

Atlantis? – find an underwater wreck (20G)

Ahoy! – discover a shipwreck (20G)

Castaway – eat not anything however dried kelp for 3 in-sport days (20G)

Me Gold! – Dig up a buried treasure (30G)

Alternative fuel – energy a furnace with a kelp block (20G)

Sail the 7 Seas – go to all ocean biomes (40G)

Sleep with the Fishes – live underwater for at some point without a portion (30G)

I’m a Marine Biologist – acquire a fish in a bucket (20G)


New enchantments to add to tridents






The choice to toggle sure training edition functions into worlds

When used on a current world, the world can be copied and marked with “[EDU]” to differentiate from the authentic world, just like Experimental Gameplay.

Cannot be disabled as soon as the world is made.


Brought a stock segment to the store to control all of your obtained content

Introduced sorting and filtering to the shop




Can now be positioned underwater

Water has been overhauled

Updated the texture

Has a new behavior mechanic

A water supply block may be positioned inside of most non-strong blocks

Flowing water will nevertheless not circulate non-stable blocks

Blocks may be located underwater without developing pockets of air around them


E-book and Quill

Default author now reads “writer Unknown”


Can now be connected to boats

All gadgets will now go with the flow of water

Updated textures for the following fish items:

Raw fish

Cooked fish

Raw salmon

Cooked salmon

Tropical fish



Infant zombies

Will now burn inside the daylight

Non-mob entities

Gadgets and block drops now go with the flow in water

The player can now swim thru 1×1 holes

brought a new swimming animation

Global generation

Ravines and caves

At the moment are capable of generating underwater


Maximum of the brand new functions delivered in 1.2.13 is now not under Experimental Gameplay

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